Let's Talk Compression

Let's Talk Compression

As the Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Market gets more competitive, it is becoming more important than ever before for clinics to offer the latest, best, and most effective equipment to generate better outcomes for their patients. In recent years there has been a re-introduction of compression therapy equipment within the physical therapy space. Products today offer compression-only treatments to help with patient recovery but the newest product to be introduced to the market is Therm-X Therapy AT model, a stand-alone cold / hot compression unit allowing the therapist to deliver digitally controlled cold or hot treatments safely, effectively, and therapeutically directly on the skin.

Traditional vs. Newer Compression Therapy Technology

Traditional Compression Therapy generally utilizes compression stockings with a variety of mm of pressure to reduce edema and improve circulation. However, newer thermo-electric technology offers digitally controlled “Static” or “Intermittent” compression with digitally controlled temperature allowing thermal energy either hot, cold, or contrast therapy to be delivered around the joint or extremity. Recently approved by the FDA to reduce pain and edema, improve circulation rather than just traditional compression stockings.

The Latest Technology is Simple to use


Recently approved by the FDA for reduction of pain and reduce edema, improve circulation rather than just traditional compression stockings. Therm-X Therapy has revolutionized the way therapists will deliver hot and cold therapy. Utilizing thermo-electric technology offers therapists the safest and most effective thermal energy transfer into the extremity on the market today. Hot packs cool down rapidly and cold packs warm up quickly so how do you know what thermal energy is being transferred into the extremity. No more messy hot packs, terry covers, or cleaning the stainless tank, and no more cold packs rotating in the freezer.


Therm-X Therapy is a no-maintenance device utilizing distilled water and 91% isopropyl to generate temperature as low as 34 degrees and as high as 110 degrees safe, effective, and therapeutic directly on the skin, therefore offering tremendous thermal energy transfer within the extremity.  Thermoelectric technology offers the therapist the safest hot and cold therapy on the market today. 


Compression therapy equipment is delivered thru a variety of garments surrounding the extremity adding mm of compression contracting areas of restricted flow, loosening the veins in the limb(s) in question to loosen. This decreases venous pressure, reduces edema, and aids the body by moving blood towards the heart. It also engages "lymphatic flush" facilitating the removal of swelling, waste, and inflammation from the body.

The Benefits of Rotating Cold & Heat, with compression and contrast therapy vs traditional therapies 

  • Cold treatment reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow. ...
  • Heat treatment promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. ...
  • Alternating heat and cold may help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain.
  • Remember to Never use extreme heat, and never put ice directly on the skin (something our newer technology eliminates, by temperature monitoring and modulation.
  • Injuries that benefit from contrast therapy are those that cause swelling and pain around soft tissue and the joints of the body


Please contact us for your demonstration of the latest Compression Therapy technologies, available through Vonco Products.

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