Post-COVID Tips to Outfitting Your Clinic and Renovation

Post-COVID Tips to Outfitting Your Clinic and Renovation

As our nation continues to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economies are beginning to re-open with the roll out of vaccines, and it may take time getting back to full patient visits. It is time to start planning your new clinic and renovation projects.

More than 25 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the U.S., and many people will need intense rehabilitation therapies and psychological care to fully recover from the disease. While not all COVID-19 survivors will need physical therapy or psychological services, about 50% of COVID-19 ICU survivors who required mechanical ventilation will. This is a result of a complication called post-intensive care syndrome, which causes muscle weakness, psychological distress and cognitive changes. 

Our goal at Vonco Medical is to make the easiest most headache free buying experience for you and your clinics.  We do this through a variety of ways including customized solutions with new and refurbished equipment, white glove and consolidated deliveries, and servicing the equipment after the installation.  We work with Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Physical Therapy Clinics, And Sports Medicine to provide customized solutions, financing options and rebates based on their needs.  We make the buying process easy, efficient and headache free.


  1. Include A One Stop Shop that can Provide all Equipment and Supplies

We know quality equipment/supplies are crucial in running a successful therapy facility.  We also completely understand that purchasing and sourcing these items are rarely the highlight of your day, especially if cash flow is a little tighter than normal.  Vonco is dedicated to improving what we do so we can help you be more successful in what you do. Treating Patients to help people get better.

From supplies & equipment as small as a electrodes & putty to exam & treatment tables or even large capital equipment, our educated sales professionals serve as the key source of information, and helps the facility make equipment and supply decisions, assists the staff in completing the design, and works with the distributor to ensure an on-time delivery. The sales professionals can also make sure there is adequate space for proper treatment and ability to expand services.

Focus on your clinic growth and patients, not your equipment. Let Vonco handle that!


  1. Flexibility with Installation Dates and Equipment Storage Options

When outfitting a new clinic, expanded clinic, or remodeled clinic, selecting the equipment is one of many moving parts to the project. After the selection of your equipment, you must complete the purchase, and prepare for the delivery and installation of your equipment. Our customers have to deal with a variety of issues while opening a clinic such as construction delays, healthcare licensing, lease applications, and staffing. Equipment purchasing should not be a source of stress for our customers. Our educated sales professionals know the industry, know the equipment and handle the planning to install from start to finish.  We make the buying process easy, efficient and headache free.

Whether you are a large regional therapy provider chain or an individually owned clinic, flexible install dates and a consolidated delivery are always important.   We understand there are several other pressing issues you need to be concerned with such as marketing, staffing and receiving your certificate of occupancy.  Equipment purchasing and installation should not be a stressor.  Let us handle that for you.


  1. Various Financing Options, Consolidated Billing, and a Rebate Program Available

Financing Options available through our Financial Partners with Various Programs available. No money down program, 90 day deferred program, and group billing for multiple sites.

Consolidated billing on every Monday for all clinic in your portfolio. Volume Rebate Program. Annual rebate includes new clinic installs and supply/capital equipment ordering.

If you're expanding or remodeling an already-existing clinic, we offer trade in value on certain capital equipment piece to be applied to future purchases.

About VONCO: At Vonco Medical we know that you are looking for an easy way to outfit your clinic. We understand that opening a rehab and fitness facility can be chaotic. We believe that finding the right equipment should not get in the way of treating patients. Let Vonco handle that!

Outfitting your facility with medical equipment can feel stressful if you don’t have the right partners. We’ve helped more than 10,000 clinics like yours save time and money with a pain-free equipment outfitting experience.
Schedule a call today so you can avoid lost revenue and a delayed opening. Our team will help you get the right equipment for your target patient populations so that you can increase the return on investment of your rehab and medical equipment.

Our core purpose is to help people feel good and we look forward to serving you.

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